Cuban-German Graduate School in Cellular-Biophysics

from October 1st to October 5th


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The school aims to provide an introductory background to german and cuban post-graduate students on theoretical and experimental techniques to study biophysical processes at the cellular level.

The school is financed by the Collaborative Research Center 1027 "Physical modeling of non-equilibrium processes in biological systems", by the Physics Faculty of the University of Havana, the Cuban Physical Society and the Cuban National Program of Basic Sciences.

Lectures & Program

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Diffusive Processes: Introduction and applications to Cell Biology

Pr. H. Rieger & Pr. L. Santen

Basic Theory, First-Passage-Problems, Persistence and Memory, the narrow escape problem, Intermittent Search, Applications in T-Cells


Molecular Motors and Filament Dynamics

Pr. L. Santen & Pr. F. Lautenschläger

Molecular Motors: Structures, Functions and Models, Ratchet Models, motor driven transport


Systems Biology and Biophysics of Diseases

Pr. R. Mulet, Pr. K. Leon, Pr. H. Rieger & Pr. E. Estevez

Metabolic networks, Immunotherapies, Entropy in complex systems


Dynamics of the Cytoskeleton, Membrane Processes

Pr. F. Lautenschläger & Pr. R. Seemann

Structure of the Cytoskeleton, Filament-Dynamics, Active Gels, Membrane Models in Microfluidic devices.


Cell Mechanics, Adhesion and Motility

Pr. A. Ott, Pr. K. Jacobs & Pr. E. Altshuler

Cell-stiffness: Experimental characterization and physiological relevance, cell-adhesion, Cell Motility, micro-swimmers in confined flows


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